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I joined OKCupid in a fit of ‘why the hell not’
by Copy couple3 I joined OKCupid in a fit of why the hell not

People always say that love arrives when least expected, and from a direction you could never anticipate. Seems to be true. I never expected to meet someone so wonderful, so right, through online dating; all I wanted from it was a few random dates to boost my self-confidence, and I've somehow landed in the best relationship I've ever had. It's all something of a surprise, really.

I signed up to OKCupid six months after separating from my wife of two years; my marriage had failed comprehensively and it had cost me a lot in self-confidence. I hadn't given up hope but was definitely at a low ebb - lost, scared, confused, lonely - and joined OKCupid in a fit of "why the hell not". I figured I'd go on a few awkward, uncomfortable dates, they'd gradually get easier and go smoother, then I'd be in a much better position to meet someone out in the real world. It required a considerable amount of pride-swallowing but I figured I had nothing to lose by giving it a shot... and who knew? It might actually be kinda fun.

So I made a profile, bought 12 stamps and, before long, went on my first date. I was a wreck. I had to fill every lull in conversation with small-talk, all delivered in a fast, high-pitched voice whilst fidgeting with coasters, napkins & anything else that came to hand. Luckily my date was fairly patient and understanding.

Subsequent dates were easier, as I'd hoped. My profile was getting loads of kisses & emails - about 10 a day - so I made the most of it and went on a lot of dates over a short period (about 10 dates in 3 weeks). All had been pleasant dates, all nice intelligent girls with whom conversation was fluid and enjoyable, one or two with whom I'd felt a twitch of chemistry and was looking forward to dating again if the opportunity arose. It was very helpful to chat via email before meeting; it didn't feel like a blind date that way. We knew a fair bit about one another before we met.

Because I was busy with work, and because I was getting plenty of hits as it was, I didn't spend a lot of time looking through other profiles... but I did email one particularly pretty girl with a cheesy line: "If your personality is anything like as lovely as your profile picture, I'd love to get to know you". She responded before long and we emailed back & forth for a week or two before meeting up shortly after Christmas.

Linda provided much more than a twitch of chemistry. After 4 days, and 2 more dates together, I'd taken my OKCupid profile down - the search was clearly over. She's AMAZING. Everything I'd dared ever hope existed within one person. She's sweet & gentle, my intellectual equal, has a great sense of humour, loves to travel, great family, healthy career, AND she's gorgeous. I'm hoping she never figures out how out of my league she actually is...!

Happy story of Mary and John
by Copy 04545 Happy story of Mary and John

I met my future husband at Well, it wasn’t actually my first dating experience as I had tried a couple of the free dating resources before I came there, but for John (as he later told me) it was something new.

I remember that contacted john first! I thought something like, “Hmm, this guy is looking smart. Will he reply me?” I looked through all of this uploaded photos and liked them all. I waited for him to answer, but he answered only after a week or so when I nearly forgot about my first message to him. As it turned out later, he was in a business trip so he didn’t have an opportunity to write me back at once. He seemed to be interested in my profile as well and so we texted for a week or two to get to know each other better. At first it wasn’t anything but flirting for me but later I understood that there was something more romantic between us that connected our minds. Soon we exchanged our e-mail addresses, then our phone numbers and went on communicating over the Skype.


Nancy and Steve – attraction and affection
by Copy 234523 Nancy and Steve – attraction and affection

Steve and I met on the web for the first time at, and we both know for sure that it was like a love at first sight. We began our messaging and flirting through the site about two months ago and, you know, it took only a few days (personally for me) to realize that it was definitely something bigger between us than just some easy online talking. You know, by that time I studied Steve’s profile probably better than anybody else and therefore knew that he was just the right person for me, whom I had been searching for online... Now Steve claims that he had nearly the same thoughts about me. So, naturally we discussed the chance of meeting outside the web very soon.

Dating in real life

But before we finally had a chance to meet in real life, we had to talk about this for about a week or so. Needless to say that was really excited about our first date. It was a kind of a typical, or let’s say, a traditional date in a restaurant, where we spent several hours talking about everything that came to our heads and didn’t even look at the time we spent together. So our next was not late in arriving – and at it we had our first kiss...

Rachel and Peter – met online, fell in love
by Copy 0056431 Rachel and Peter – met online, fell in love

How I took my chances online

At first I didn’t want to get involved into the kind of online communication between people called online dating. It seemed to be an unreliable means of finding someone really special, if you know what I mean. After my rather an unhappy marriage and divorce two years ago... well, it was still difficult for me to believe in romance and love again.

But some of my friends and later on colleagues kept on persuading me to join one of the dating websites, namely, so I finally signed up for this service. It wasn’t difficult for me to look for the people there but After a couple of dates I was ready to decide that I would not find my match through the Internet. But then I saw Peter’s profile among the other ones and it served like a spark and a turning point for me. I remember I thought “Oh, there’s definitely something special about him”. I sent him an initial message and he answered me almost immediately. Everything could seem a bit unexpected, of course, but Peter seemed to be interested in me as well.

I found my match online!
by Copy 445e I found my match online!

My story

I just want to tell you my life story briefly and to hear your feedback. Once I was having a working day when all normal people had a weekend. I did not know what to do as I didn’t have much work. So, I opened the Internet and registered at one of the adult dating sites. I created my profile according to all the rules, answered all the questions necessary and started my search.

I received a lot of letters, but I did not answer to any of them. I just browsed other members’ profiles, then I got into the search and found quite an interesting one. I was interested in the questionnaire and the person's appearance, so I decided to write something, but not some banal greetings, something that could interest him.

My match

I didn’t have to wait long for the answer. As soon as he appeared on the site, he immediately responded to my letter. Our correspondence was not long, but interesting. Then we phoned and decided to meet.

We had numerous meetings, night calls and SMS. Just in a week we spent every evening after work together. We live indifferent parts of the city and when our dates began to finish at 3 a.m., we decided that I would rather move to his apartment. We had quite an interesting life, we walked, went anywhere.

But one fine evening this man told me about his past life. He did not just tell me, but poured the flow of information on me (it was night, about 1 or 2 am). He told me that he was married, that he divorced six months before, but they broke up a month ago before we met.

Love arises through the online dating websites
by Copy 9000 Love arises through the online dating websites

I felt he was the man for me!

I’ve used different similar services before, but with no luck. Then I tried other services, and also with no luck there. I tried MATURE DATING UK and this helped me to meet the love of all my life, Austin. I saw profiles and I liked what I saw at his one, he was lovely looking too. I ventured and sent him a simple email. When he replied we exchanged our phone numbers for a while.

At first we met November 15th 2013, 1 day after the birthday, he was very sweet he gave me a present and a card. We had a lunch at restaurant. We laughed and chatted, I felt it was so right. I came back to my home after the date happy and smiling. Austin and I chatted through text messages all next day. While I was preparing my two daughters Christmas presents I didn’t even realize it and wrote Austin's name on one present too.

Using sites for dating can be great!
by Copy 58861980300x250 Using sites for dating can be great!

The main reasons why I didn’t like online servicing at first

Frankly speaking, I’m not a big fan of the novelties and the wide range of services that are provided nowadays through the Internet – well, in my opinion, they can be certainly helpful for some people, who don’t know how to deal properly with buying a new car or such a serious thing as real estate property, but the average Internet user like me are sometimes through with all those importunate pop-up windows with the ads about.

Much the same feeling I had about various online dating websites and different applications for smartphones, etc. But that was only until recently when I discovered the opportunities for the communication on the web, offered by website! I heard of it, when one of my friends told that he had become a member of benaughty.