Rachel and Peter – met online, fell in love

July 8th, 2014 | Copy
0056431 Rachel and Peter – met online, fell in love

How I took my chances online

At first I didn’t want to get involved into the kind of online communication between people called online dating. It seemed to be an unreliable means of finding someone really special, if you know what I mean. After my rather an unhappy marriage and divorce two years ago... well, it was still difficult for me to believe in romance and love again.

But some of my friends and later on colleagues kept on persuading me to join one of the dating websites, namely catholicsingles.com, so I finally signed up for this service. It wasn’t difficult for me to look for the people there but After a couple of dates I was ready to decide that I would not find my match through the Internet. But then I saw Peter’s profile among the other ones and it served like a spark and a turning point for me. I remember I thought “Oh, there’s definitely something special about him”. I sent him an initial message and he answered me almost immediately. Everything could seem a bit unexpected, of course, but Peter seemed to be interested in me as well.

And so we started exchanging messages and then e-mails almost every day. As I mentioned before, by that time I already felt and knew that I had met someone special. Soon we exchanged our phone numbers we spent about a fortnight discussing all the things that ideas that we share. Then we decided to meet at the following weekend. And you know what? This first date of ours lasted for nearly 8 hours! We just didn’t want to leave, we both wanted to be together...

And our dating went on!

Since we both had been looking for someone to fill in the emptiness inside us (Peter had had an unpleasant marriage experience just like me), it was perhaps no surprise that we made a pass so quickly. You know, we both were looking a true Catholic soul to support us… And Peter turned out to be just the kind of person I wanted to see nearby and I hope and believe that I managed to become such a person for him – I mean, the woman he had always wanted. Now we have been dating for about two months and we both feel so happy together, completing each other, spending time and doing things together, taking all the activities we find interesting. And I am so thankful to catholicsingles.com that served a wonderful place to bring us together! We are planning to engage next week, move in together to live beneath the same roof… and all that due to the opportunities provided by an online dating site – can you imagine that?

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