Mature and senior dating

August 4th, 2014 | Copy
09 Mature and senior dating

Dating Tips for Mature and Seniors

MATURE AND SENIOR dating is hugely popular. If you’re a sexy MATURE AND SENIOR looking for local guys to date then these handy tips will get on you the right track.

How to meet guys

Generally MATURE AND SENIORs are looking for much younger guys and naturally don’t move in the same circles. Also having a toy boy is often something you might want to be discreet about so using online websites allows you a certain amount of anonymity.

Make them come to you

If you find the right MATURE AND SENIOR dating site then you’ll soon discover there’s an abundance of guys looking for MATURE AND SENIORS. There really is no need for you to make the first contact. You’ve heard the saying ‘treat them mean, keep them keen?’ They WILL come to you. You should only respond to messages rather than initiate them.

Treat them mean, keep them keen

To follow up on my last point you need to show that you’re in control. Most guys looking for MATURE AND SENIORS love this. They want you to give them a hard time and make them chase you. Let them know you’re in charge and pull them up on it. It’s okay to be sceptical, just show them who’s boss!

Be harsh

If you don’t like them just say so. You don’t even have to respond to their messages if you don’t want to. Simply don’t reply and they’ll get the message.

Have fun

Your online dating profile is where you can let your fun side come across. Be sure to say what you‘re looking for and include humour. You’ll get so many more responses this way. It’s a great idea to tease them with a saucy pic or something naughty you’ve done. Being a mature or a senior gives you the power to tease and please.

Don’t get personal

Never give personal information away and keep any communication brief and to the point. Let’s face it you’re not looking for anything long term so the less you can give away the better. Most of the guys you’ll find on MATURE AND SENIOR dating websites aren’t really interested in your personal issues anyway. They’re there for one thing and one thing only!

Be honest

Be honest with the guys you do decide to communicate with. There’s no point skirting around the subject so say exactly what you’re looking for and what you expectations are. By laying down the ground rules you both know where you stand.

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