Tips to make your first lesbian date ideal

July 28th, 2014 | Copy
00056 Tips to make your first lesbian date ideal

If you are new to the world of lesbian dating, there are, of course, all the advantage of the best online dating websites for lesbians within your reach today. Just like there are sites for anyone else with specific tastes in dating and relationships. But dating online is one peculiar phenomenon that may differ much from the real life situations with the expected results... That’s why we hope it will be useful for you to read this article. At least, we have tried to underline the most vivid lesbian dating pitfalls for you in it.

Step one to lesbian dating

If you imagine that dating a woman is easy because no one can match a woman in the art of seduction, well, that’s not true. As the life experience shows us, when it comes to some real deal between women, everyone seems to be better than lesbians. One of the main possible reasons for that may be that women usually do know everything about weaknesses incident to female nature just too good to be careless about choosing an appropriate partner for dating. Don’t you think so? So do not think that it won’t be a complicated matter to find a lesbian partner.

Next step or the date itself

Let’s say you have already found your lesbian match on the web. The initial stage supposes your inviting her to a date and arranging this occasion. Here everything you need to do is just being direct and firm enough about that. Be confident, don’t be afraid to offer the idea of a date and you will show your better side. In case it worked, but you seem to feel too nervous during the date, just ask her to tell more about herself!

Then, ask some follow-up questions – it all will help you to kill two birds with one stone: overcome your shyness or nervousness while listening to her answers and show your interest in her. Consider it as an excellent way of learning more about the things you have in common – a real help in establishing connections between you. And don’t forget to be creative to make your date worth that hanging out somewhere for some time!

The first major turn-off (and hopefully the last one to be mentioned here)

(there must be a woeful sigh of despair in this line). For heaven’s sake, leave all the sob stories on you! Seriously. Remember that nobody will ever like to hear about your exes, no matter how close are the connections between you and them that you keep deep inside yourself. Forget about even mentioning your exes. Women are not an exception to this eternal rule and ex discussion taboo. So simply do not tell her an awkward story of yours about your ex (it makes even no matter whether it was a boyfriend or a girlfriend).

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