How to Win a Girl Who Is Dating Somebody Else

August 9th, 2014 | Copy
1winagirl How to Win a Girl Who Is Dating Somebody Else

Breaking up a married couple is tricky because it involves a potentially hurtful situation for the couple involved. That being said, if your feelings are strong enough that you are willing to ruin someone's relationship, there are a few things you can do to prove to her that your affections are worthy of leaving her current partner. Yes, some of it could be considered playing dirty.

Getting Your Girl

1. Ask the girl you're interested in what is lacking from her current relationship and do your best to fill those voids. Whether you find out from her directly or mine the information from someone close to her, figure out if she's lacking attention, if her boyfriend doesn't compliment her or make her feel special, and/or she just needs someone to talk to who understands her better. Try to become that person. By making yourself indispensable to her happiness, she's more likely to see that she needs you in her life. Become the guy she can't live without and sooner than later, you'll be the only guy in her life.

2. Find out any and all dirt on the guy she's currently dating. If you really do feel that you are a better match for her because you are a better guy, than find out all the reasons he is wrong for her and present them. You're going to have to handle this situation delicately, because sneaking around, finding out potentially harmful details about another guy can quickly get back to him and put you in a sticky spot. Verify the information you receive with at least two sources. You don't want to go to the girl you're trying to win with hearsay and lies. This will just make you seem desperate and conniving.

3. Tell her the way you feel about her. She may be dating someone else because she doesn't know the way you feel about her. You might be putting your relationship with her on the line by doing so, but at least you'll have put it out there and will have opened the opportunity for it to happen. She may be head-over-heels in love with you but just scared that if she left her current relationship that you wouldn't be interested. When you admit your feelings to her, tell her all the ways you'd treat her better than her current significant other.

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