Your secret relationship from the rest of the office

August 1st, 2014 | Copy
110110 Your secret relationship from the rest of the office

Dating a coworker, sexy but not always wise

There is nothing more romantic than sneaking into the copy machine room at work with your new girlfriend or boyfriend — who is your coworker also — for some kisses. Your secret relationship from the rest of the office is fun, exciting and sexy. But, dating a coworker is a challenge, including the risk of losing your job, or damaging your professional persona in the office.

Here’re 3 advantages and 3 disadvantages to dating a coworker.


1. Work is sexy. Put aside the fact that people look better at work — women in lipstick and high heels, men in suits and ties. Work is a place also where you can really showcase your professional skills and impress others.

2. Familiarity feels good. When you work with someone, there’s a sense of safety and trust because you already know him or her. He or she is not a total stranger. They’re probably already your friend. You have most likely already had a drink with him or her at a company party. It makes things so much easier and less stressful in this regard.

3. You have commonality. Who needs OKCupid or another dating service to match you up with someone who has similar interests? You and your coworker already have a huge commonality: the two of you decided to work for the same company.


1. It could be seen by some as unprofessional. Dating a coworker could ruin your chances of growing with your company because your superiors might see your love life with a coworker as unprofessional.

2. It could make work difficult. The two of you aren’t speaking, or maybe he or she even broke up with you. To make matters worse, the person who just broke your heart might be walking by your office five times a day, or worst case scenario, you have to give a presentation to a group of people, and he or she is one of them!

3. You could lose your job! Even if your company is OK with its employees getting involved with each other, a rocky relationship could cause your job performance to decline if your emotions start to get the best of you at work.

Here is the thing. Dozens of married couples met at work and lived happily ever after. Someone got fired after an interoffice relationship blew up. Work can be a good place to meet someone, or it could be a no-no. It all depends upon the company culture and if you’re able to handle mixing the cocktail of play and work. It is up to you.

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