Using sites for dating can be great!

May 30th, 2014 | Copy
58861980300x250 Using sites for dating can be great!

The main reasons why I didn’t like online servicing at first

Frankly speaking, I’m not a big fan of the novelties and the wide range of services that are provided nowadays through the Internet – well, in my opinion, they can be certainly helpful for some people, who don’t know how to deal properly with buying a new car or such a serious thing as real estate property, but the average Internet user like me are sometimes through with all those importunate pop-up windows with the ads about.

Much the same feeling I had about various online dating websites and different applications for smartphones, etc. But that was only until recently when I discovered the opportunities for the communication on the web, offered by website! I heard of it, when one of my friends told that he had become a member of benaughty.

And what made me change my opinion about online dating

So I created a profile at it and the free guest membership allowed me to have an overview of the main features of this website. And I must say it all made me become a full member to enjoy all the benefits, as I have never thought that it can be so much fun in just talking to naughty girls overseas via the Internet! And then I also thought to myself: “what can be more interesting than flirting with dozens of attractive girls online?”

And then I met Miranda30 – that was her nickname at the site. I think that all happened quite usually – she commented on one of my photos, on which I was wearing that funny apron, you know, standing near the grill. Miranda is from the UK, which is quite far from me (cause I live in Michigan), but this fact cannot prevent us from communication with each other, you know!

Miranda is the same age with me, likes the same food and movies – the perfect candidate for me to date with. It seems to me that we always know what to talk about and all the things that can be interesting for both of us, so now we exchange messages and photos almost every day and are both pleased to have such kind of relationships.

I must admit that one-to-one chatroom communication with a person who shares the same ideas and fantasies with you is a real enjoyment, it is like the kind of experience you would like to have in your life. But although it can be much fun to talk to someone who is far from you, it can be a bit difficult at times.

That’s why, guess what? I’m planning a trip to Europe to meet with Miranda in real life! Dating sites and benaughty in particular made me believe online dating has the future!

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