Happy story of Mary and John

August 2nd, 2014 | Copy
04545 Happy story of Mary and John

I met my future husband at eHarmony.com. Well, it wasn’t actually my first dating experience as I had tried a couple of the free dating resources before I came there, but for John (as he later told me) it was something new.

I remember that contacted john first! I thought something like, “Hmm, this guy is looking smart. Will he reply me?” I looked through all of this uploaded photos and liked them all. I waited for him to answer, but he answered only after a week or so when I nearly forgot about my first message to him. As it turned out later, he was in a business trip so he didn’t have an opportunity to write me back at once. He seemed to be interested in my profile as well and so we texted for a week or two to get to know each other better. At first it wasn’t anything but flirting for me but later I understood that there was something more romantic between us that connected our minds. Soon we exchanged our e-mail addresses, then our phone numbers and went on communicating over the Skype.


Now as I regain all these events from my memory, they seem to have happened almost immediately one after another. It even seems to me that we began talking on the phone almost immediately after we met online at eHarmony. Starting out from the usual talks about likes and dislikes, we soon found out that we both shared almost the same ideas about life and what we wanted from it. Besides, we had much interests in common – fishing, swimming, watching documentaries and so long and so forth.

We continued talking over the phone every day for the next three or even four weeks. Soon it was impossible for both of us to imagine our life without each other (I know, that sounds so familiar and so banal, but what could I do if John was the man who would become my lifetime partner?)

Proposal and wedding

So when John said that it would be a great idea to have our first date outside the web I agreed to meet without even hesitating for a while. We definitely fell for each other on that first date, so it was natural that one month later after it John proposed to me. Needless to say that I agreed to become his wife.

We married in August 2013, moved in together after the wedding… now we live our happy life together and we often use to remember about how we met online at eHarmony, how we had some flirting online, then how we dated in person. It seems to be quite a decent story, something we would tell our kids about and, guess what? I’m soon going to have a baby!

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