Nancy and Steve – attraction and affection

July 15th, 2014 | Copy
234523 Nancy and Steve – attraction and affection

Steve and I met on the web for the first time at, and we both know for sure that it was like a love at first sight. We began our messaging and flirting through the site about two months ago and, you know, it took only a few days (personally for me) to realize that it was definitely something bigger between us than just some easy online talking. You know, by that time I studied Steve’s profile probably better than anybody else and therefore knew that he was just the right person for me, whom I had been searching for online... Now Steve claims that he had nearly the same thoughts about me. So, naturally we discussed the chance of meeting outside the web very soon.

Dating in real life

But before we finally had a chance to meet in real life, we had to talk about this for about a week or so. Needless to say that was really excited about our first date. It was a kind of a typical, or let’s say, a traditional date in a restaurant, where we spent several hours talking about everything that came to our heads and didn’t even look at the time we spent together. So our next was not late in arriving – and at it we had our first kiss...

Arranging the deal more seriously...

By that time people took us for a married couple, so it was only a question of time before we both had clear idea of making the things official between us. That was really what we wanted after a series of our dates, during which we only fell in love with each other more and more. So Steve had to come to meet with my family and everybody liked him, besides, they all had a chance see how happy we both felt together.

And then after just a month, I went to dinner with Steve’s family. And there – guess what? – He asked me to close my eyes and when I opened them, there was the most gorgeous engagement ring that I had ever seen in my life. And Steve immediately got down on one knee and made me a proposal. It was like... I don’t know... His family burst into applause when I said “Yes” after a while. I saw smiles at their faces and was absolutely happy at that moment.

My dream came true, I became Steve’s fiancé, now we are planning our wedding and hope to become Mr. and Mrs. Bukowski next year! So many occasions took place during the short period of time... But I was ready to experience it all! Steve turned out to be the dream of my life that came true and all that – thanks to site! Believe that it can be not only for easy flirting between people – you can meet your love their just like I did.

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