Love arises through the online dating websites

June 3rd, 2014 | Copy
9000 Love arises through the online dating websites

I felt he was the man for me!

I’ve used different similar services before, but with no luck. Then I tried other services, and also with no luck there. I tried MATURE DATING UK and this helped me to meet the love of all my life, Austin. I saw profiles and I liked what I saw at his one, he was lovely looking too. I ventured and sent him a simple email. When he replied we exchanged our phone numbers for a while.

At first we met November 15th 2013, 1 day after the birthday, he was very sweet he gave me a present and a card. We had a lunch at restaurant. We laughed and chatted, I felt it was so right. I came back to my home after the date happy and smiling. Austin and I chatted through text messages all next day. While I was preparing my two daughters Christmas presents I didn’t even realize it and wrote Austin's name on one present too.

I felt he was the man for me. We both have been married before, both did not work out. I have 2 girls aged 13 and 17. I asked him if he is ok with the fact that I have kids, since he did not have children. He said that he is okay with this. We had a very nice time learning something new about each other; we kept even saying to one other that it feels like we are friends for years, not days.

Once I said to Austin, "tell me when you are ready to get acquainted with my girls", I did not want to press on him. He said that he wanted to get acquainted with them next weekend. He liked them and my children liked Austin too. I was thinking to myself, that this all coming together proper. One wonderful day I was talking to my elder daughter and she said me seriously "Mum, you should marry Austin surely" and I said yes I want it and maybe one day he asks me. He and I did speak marriage and living together, maybe, some would say it is too soon, but if you in love, why not??

On Saturday the 8th of February 2014, Austin decided to propose me! Austin presented me a beautiful yellow sapphire ring with 2 diamonds. It was the beautiful and the best thing I’ve ever seen. This ring belonged previously to Austin’s grandmother who was dear to him. He said that he has fallen in love with me and I am a whole world for him, so I deserve to wear that beautiful ring.

We plan to arrange our wedding in July or June next year. We are very happy to be family, my two girls Allison and Brooke love Austin like he is their dad. We thank MATURE DATING UK and recommend this service to everyone who is searching for love.

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