Your first date: How to behave?

July 3rd, 2014 | Copy
001111 Your first date: How to behave?

3 Simple Tips to Avoid an Improper First Date

The most difficult part of dating online may be your first date, right? Jumping from the romantic dating online, in your comfortable bedroom, into meeting with a stranger in person is a terrifying thing. Even the experienced first-daters turn up to the date drenched in sweat and white as a sheet, but seconds away from are vomiting everywhere because of nervous terror. We have already explained how to improve the online dating and get a lot of dates. Now, you can also prevent the cold sweats and avoid awkward silence on first dates, by using these 3 simple tips.

1. Listen!

The majority of people think that the only way to avoid an awkward silence is to spend the whole date speaking – about the weather, themselves, how they live with 28 cats, loneliness, and other. The result? Silent, stunned disbelief from your partner. If things are, listen to things your date says. Listen, really, and absorb those anecdotes. And better yet, prove that you are listening. Ask searching questions and notice the names of people they have already mentioned, and use the name of your date in conversation. After, you will realize that you have ended up in real conversation, and not only a stream consciousness that are common for the first date. You will feel like you have made a connection, and your date will be reassured that they are not boring you, and you will both end up relax. Less talk – less awkwardness.

2. First Drink, Eat Later

When you consider the ‘first date’, what comes to mind? A high-quality restaurant and a couple that is staring deeply into eyes of each other over the candlelight’s twinkling. Though, in reality, a restaurant is usually crowded, far from intimate and noisy. The process of having food is also somewhat undignified, and there is a good chance you will end up wearing too much spaghetti with marinara sauce to eat it. To avoid such awkwardness, skip your dinner and move straight for drinks. Get yourselves comfortable on a cozy sofa in a good bar or coffee shop, and talk for some hours over cocktails or lattes. Unless you are an alcoholic, it is cheaper than dinner, less likely to get awkward and more intimate.

3. When to Quit?

In the world of dating, less is always more. It is better to have a short date than drag it on too long. If you have had an ideal time together, ensure you leave on high note. Tell the date that you should get back, but you’d love to have a date again. Instant next-date success! Equally, if your date has dragged it on too long, do not be afraid of cutting it. If you are so inclined, you may take the way out of coward, faking a call and saying that your blood twin has been killed in a strange ballooning accident. But you could man up, and tell the date truth. If your partner was still awkward even after following the tips, maybe you just were not right for each other – and there is no shame in that!

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