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Sugar Daddy for Me

For a website that targets rich men, the first visual impression of SugarDaddyForMe is of a pretty basic, cheap webpage. You can use the site for free, but will be plagued by a garish, flashing ‘Get Full Access’ button at the top of the search panel. Also, less than half the active users have photos that are visible in the search results. Having said that, once you get past the look of the site, SugarDaddyForMe is actually very user-friendly and functional. It is also full of activity, with several thousand members logged on at any one time. Signing Up The sign-up process for SugarDaddyMeet has got to be one of the easiest in the business. All you need to provide in your sign-up profile is: age, location, the month of your birthday, marital status, physical type, and ethnicity. You’ll also need to select your ‘sugar status’: sugar baby, sugar daddy, sugar momma, male sugar baby, gay sugar daddy, male seeking extramarital, or female seeking extramarital. The only category not covered seems to be ‘lesbian sugar momma’. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll soon start getting messages and kisses from other members and you can respond with kisses straight away. The SugarDaddyForMe service is aimed primarily at people in the U.S., U.K., Canada and Australia. Anyone else has to specify their location, vaguely and bizarrely, as ‘Russia’, ‘The Middle East’, ‘European Countries’ or (this is no joke) ‘Somewhere in Asia’. You new profile will be approved for its content and photos; however, there is no authentication of any income or financial status information. With that in mind, all claims of financial wealth must be treated with a certain degree of scepticism. That sugar daddy who claims in his profile to be a CEO with a personal after-tax income of $2 million a year may not be all he seems… On the other hand, in practice most profiles seem to be sincere and truthful. Membership Packages SugarDaddyForMe offers three levels of membership: the standard free membership, Silver, and Gold. There is also a ‘Total Access’ option that you can buy which allows you, in true sugar daddy style, to make contact with those members on the free package who could not otherwise communicate with you onsite. You can try out any of the paid memberships and options for free on a three-day trial basis. When you sign up for a trial, you have to provide some form of payment. If, after the trial, you choose not to go with the membership you need to explicitly cancel the payment to avoid being re-billed automatically. There is no instant way of doing this – you have to send a message to the site administrator. As long as you remember to do this, you should have no problems. So what do you get with each package? With a standard membership, you can create your profile with up to three photos, and you can send and receive kisses. You can also chat with those paid members who bought the ‘Total Access’ option. Silver membership gives you the ability to add more photos, send and receive emails using the onsite system, and use the site’s instant messaging service. You also have the option to buy the ‘Total Access’ feature for an additional fee. If you do opt for this, note that there is a $3.95 administration fee on top of the stated price of the feature. Gold membership grants you, on top of all these features, virtually unlimited email capacity, the ability to keep a history of all your instant messaging chats, and the privilege of having your profile highlighted and posted at the top of any list of search results. In addition, your profile will be approved in a much shorter time, and you will receive a weekly email in your off-site account with a list of potential matches.
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1 comments for “Sugar Daddy for Me”
04 Jun 2012, 08:06:42 am by Angus says:

A sugardaddyforme review made me a standard member of this site and I am enjoying sending and receiving kisses ;). But, I am thinking about Total Access feature to get more benefits as they claim. Waiting for the thrill!

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