Smart love for Indian young singles

July 3rd, 2014 | Copy
00876 Smart love for Indian young singles

Ethnicity tops matchmaking, personality not caste: Survey

Smart love is a new mantra for Indian singles who want no longer to play by strict rules of ethnicity, caste and religion, according to the last survey by one of the best Indian matchmaking services.

The survey as for how Indians are chasing the smart love and the reasons to find a mate conducted on nearly 520 singles throughout the country by matchmaking site throws the light on expectations of the young singles.

More and more Indian young singles are leaving behind the parents' pigeonhole of ethnicity, caste and religion progressing to find that 'smart love', was found by the survey.

"I want a person with whom I’ll be myself. Also I want my mate to be a realistic, passionate and honest person," says 28 years old lecturer Sonal.

The survey kept other society and parents out of this picture to put forth what singles feel is very important for a long-run relationship and marriage.

Saurabh Mittal, 33 years old, delivery manager for a company that deals with computer technology says that he is looking for a person he can connect with on the common grounds and not what their relatives think will matter.

Mittal says that if that person isn’t able to understand his preferences but is perfect from his parents’ point of view only because she matches height and caste of mine, then he does not think it can work out between them.

The survey bases the criteria on income, education, fitness and health, occupation, personality, ethnicity, caste, religion and even Manglik.

Individuals within the group of age 22 to 35, in the cities Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai answered some questions online.

The team of psychologists worked out a set of special questions that were distributed to singles and couples and they even got a relationship counselor and a focus group data to create a compatibility tool in order to capture the things young singles are searching for in their mates," Rahul Kumar, co-founder of, says.

For Art Director, 25 year old Abhishek Sharma, a person who has a pleasing personality and a positive attitude in life, is the ideal match for him.

Sharma says that someone who cares for him and understands him and his feelings are the key criteria for him to look for a mate. For him an added criterion is a pleasing personality.

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