Brand new Dattch app for lesbians for you

June 12th, 2014 | Copy
dattch Brand new Dattch app for lesbians for you

Searching for a woman and therefore need some quiet place on the web for lesbian dating online? Or maybe you would like to have a lesbian mobile dating application. Then you are lucky, because the new project called Dattch is likely to offer you both alternatives.

What is Dattch?

Dattch is a totally new dating app, launched about a month ago in May, which is aimed at lesbians, bisexual women, and also women, who are bicurious. In fact, it is also positioned by its creators as a social network for queer women. Dattch can boast quick registration process, verified user profiles and a good blog, which is updated on regular basis.

The good stylish looking and user-friendly interface is surely among the strong points of Dattch application as well. The latest update was on June 1, so for now it allows you to look through the guests that visited your profile.

One of the main advantages of Dattch to be mentioned in the first place is also surely a great sense of community that a lot of other applications for dating actually lack these days. Users are encouraged to upload as many photos to their profile as they wish.

Then, you can also enjoy playing the exclusively available game for the app, called “Would You Rather” if you prefer to meet new people in low-stress ways.

Would You Rather? shows users two photos of the girls to choose from, and those users, who both choose each other are then allowed to begin messaging. Since the update of this feature (originally two random pictures were shown to the users), the members of Dattch app have already played Would You Rather? more than 150,000 times.

Main cons

But at the same there are several disadvantages of the Dattch that should be mentioned here as well, as the app currently has certain limitations of its own. For instance, if you would like to take all the advantages of the Dattch app, you will have either to live or move to San Francisco, Los Angeles, or the United Kingdom.

And unfortunately, it is also not available for the smartphones based on Android at the moment. In order to unlocking some of the app’s features, you will have to get at least three of your friends to join the app, which can turn out to be a problem, of course.

Then, operating in a few of the USA cities and the UK area only, Dattch application still has some of those long load times for profiles. By the way, you have the opportunity to browse the users’ profiles without logging in, but some of its features and options (like filtering, for example) might require your signing in for the app.

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