Beware the pitfalls of your dating – stay alert

June 14th, 2014 | Copy
0003 Beware the pitfalls of your dating – stay alert

So, let’s have a closer look at some of the aspects of dating in real life, concerning your behavior. Dating a woman after you’ve met her at one of the popular adult dating websites may turn out to be a more complicated matter than you expect it to be. Why? Well... There can be many reasons for that. Let’s say, you can...

...make a declaration of love too soon

Sometimes men use to tell women, how they love them, before they actually realize that they have little knowledge of her. And it’s only in Disney cartoons with their happily-ever-after scheme when a girl makes (or accepts) an offer of marriage after just one day (well, a week or so) spent together with a guy. De facto, if you tell some girl that you have never met someone like her before from the very start... well, she won’t believe you. In fact, this will make her think you tell the same words to every girl you meet on your way. Of course, she likes the idea of being unique – but give you both a bit more time before you can make statements like that. Don’t rush the things with a woman, until you are really close with her.

So, how is it going for you? Do you like our dating?

Have you read those two questions above? Now forget about them once and for all, or better remember that they are the helpless words that make you not a smart person in her eyes. Asking her about that means that you are not able to tell or predict that by her words, look, gestures, hints, other non-verbal signals she thinks she’s sending you right now and god knows what else those women have on their minds to express what they feel in all ways.

And women actually expect men to be real prophets in everything concerning their feelings and wishes – so you will rather have to learn to read her thoughts or read in-between the lines than understand why she doesn’t want to explain what’s wrong with your dating directly.

That uncertainty from your side shows that you lack confidence – which is regarded as not one of the strong points in men… if anything, it is the sign that you need self-cultivation yourself. So, if you don’t know a thing – rely on your intuition at least once, but give up the idea of asking. We have warned you.

Taking the lead – it’s your sacred duty

You are the man, so you are the boss – you should take the lead in your relationships with a woman. In most cases it is the thing she will wait from you. It will score you more points, as it will serve as an index of your confidence the ability to take care of the things, solve the matters and so on. Just show her that she can always rely on you and not afraid to take the responsibility of your actions.

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