The places where women cheat on their men most

June 27th, 2014 | Copy
1456 The places where women cheat on their men most

Top 3 venues women cheat

Unlike what some people would like to guess, infidelity among married females is now higher than ever at all times. According to the center of national opinion research, around 40% of married females are more inclined to cheat on men than they would have twenty years back. Women do cheat and the article covers the top 3 venues women cheat.

Girls night out

Females are very fickle by nature when it comes to an opinion of their friends. If you may be undergoing some disorders in your marriage life, be assured the intimate friends of your wife are in the know of all that is going on. Often the women seek sympathy from those individuals that they hold in a high esteem and in the most case their girlfriends.

An often girls night out may be a perfect platform for a desperate wife to vent her frustrations out regarding sex and the lack of the sex. And the slightest impulse from her girls may lead to sexual flirting with men that in most cases don’t mean anything to her. It will be a good decision to vet all friends of your wife to ensure that they never have had an incentive influence on your woman. Then again like one saying goes – prevention is always better than cure. Cultivating proactively the relationship with your important other can greatly contribute to dissuading her from being hold under the sway of malicious or jealous “friends”.


Taking a leave to an exotic area can also be a splendid setting for your spouse to cheat. The mitigating factor in this scenario is you totally ignoring your spouse or being offhanded with her. She is likely than will not get acquainted with a handsome young guy who will provide your wife with the attention she is not often getting from you. Find time to spend with your wife as much time as she needs rather she will be compensating the lack of your attention on such leaves. More to this point give them your affection and attention that will make all other males when compared to you appear to be cardboard cutouts. The easy way for women to cheat at the hotels is by saying "I need space".

Public places

There might not be sometimes any reasonable motive to trigger married females to be unfaithful. To some women the mere thrill of having a casual sex and not be found afterwards can be very appealing. This can happen in virtually any location, from restaurant washrooms and shopping malls, nightclubs and as killing as it sounds, in churches even. Such promiscuity sadly does not have any remedy, but the only thing every man can do that is to ensure that he fully comprehend the temper of your future wife before the marriage.

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