Students’ opinion considering online dating service

June 10th, 2014 | Copy
890 Students’ opinion considering online dating service

Students talk about online dating websites

According to Pew Research Internet Project, one of ten Americans uses a mobile or online dating app. Various online dating services are becoming more and more popular among college students.

A lot of online dating applications are available for smartphones where students may be given some pictures, “about” section, shared interests between users, and mutual friends they have through Facebook.

Members can swipe right in an interested profile or left it is not interesting for them.

They say that most online dating services can be used as dating apps, though many students want to use these apps for establishing relationship.

Other students say they don’t think that dating apps may be a possible option to search for lasting relationships.

“In my opinion, apps are less personal and too casual than other options of meeting people,” Shuji Miller said. “I feel like a lot of people turn to apps out of tedium or for relationships.”

Although Miller said that he thought applications are very casual to start lasting relationships; he had achieved success with them.

“I had the first significant relationship thanks to it,” Miller said. “It wasn’t only the first real relationship, but my first online relationship, my first relationship deemed to become long distance one. We were together nearly two years. Sites enable you to develop your character, ideals, personality and goals in the profile that really enables you to have some initial connection with someone.”

College students said that the amount of individual information requested on sites can be discouraging.

“I guess I am the type of individual to keep my life private, and for dating service, you are forced to be straightforward and public,” Tuggle said. “This can be somewhat scary.”

Others feel skeptical as for online dating.

“I think I have no positive opinion of it due to the fact that I am skeptical that it really helps you form the relationships beyond just looking through pictures of members,” said Zoe Tucker.

There are a great amount of different opinions about dating online, however no one can acknowledge its presence.

Some profiles says, “We can lie referring to where we met” on online dating websites and there are members who hide their dating profiles from “real life” friends.

“I suppose a lot of people understand online dating as something the socially awkward necessity,” Hooper said. “It is assumed that ‘normal’ folks can just meet a person in person”.

Miller said also somewhat interesting things that may occur from meeting personally with someone you have met online.

“Once, I met someone via online dating and I did not have a photo,” Miller said. “So, we decided to meet for lunch some time on campus. When I walked to where we were decided to meet, it was one of my friends that was enough afraid to invite me out personally.”

Miller also gives advice to the people wanting to engage in online dating.

“Be absolutely honest on the profile,” Miller said. “Meet a date in public. Put your profile out there to get attention of users.”

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