Racial stereotypes and dating

June 24th, 2014 | Copy
00235 Racial stereotypes and dating

Have you ever thought about the interrelation between your race and the things you use to single out about yourself in your profile at the dating website? One of the most popular dating sites, Cupid, has tried to answer this question. A short time ago, an interesting trend report was released by the company, named “The Real Stuff White People Like”. It included infographics and other materials to show the overview of the main hobbies, interests and self-descriptions of different ethnic groups of people, who use to date online. About 500,000 of the users’ profiles were thoroughly analyzed to give the full picture and show the difference between racial groups.

The results revealed…

That some stereotypes about people are true. For instance, white men are fond of reading Tom Clancy’s novels, riding Harley Davidson or listening to Van Halen, white women prefer to stay more romantic and follow the sentimental path in fulfilling their profiles; most of them do like books by Nicholas Sparks, good old bonfires and also horse riding.

Asian men usually describe themselves with one or two common phrases like “I am a simple guy” and a few words about their careers. Asian women, whose self-descriptions in dating profiles are also limited to being just “simple”, claim that surfing on the web, music performed by Alicia Keys and eating sashimi are among their hobbies.

Both Latinos and Latinas seem to be really fond of various Latin American rhythms and dance forms, judging by the fact dances like merengue, salsa, etc. were written among the most widespread interests in their profiles.

So how do we use this information?

Generally, it’s recommended not to take all that stuff too seriously. Better take into consideration the fact we intentionally create a profile of a person we’d want to be rather than provide there information about who we actually are. So, it makes no matter, whether you’re into Black dating websites or Asian ones – it’s better not to apply the above mentioned stereotypes in real life, especially if you are currently interested in interracial dating. Why? In most cases, when it comes to dating online, it’s a better way to use interests, listed out as one of the means of getting to know the person, but not his or her entire race. It would be at least naive to ask a woman from one of the Latin American countries to teach you to dance salsa just because it’s one of the things she’s interested in, you know. After all, are you really good yourself in the things you claim in your own profile?

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