Pros and cons of playing Cupid

July 11th, 2014 | Copy
0001123 Pros and cons of playing Cupid

Playing Cupid: should you or shouldn’t

Do you like the idea of matchmaking two persons you feel in your bones that they are going to find common language? Are you one who creates big happiness for people who might have been searching for each other?

It is found that playing Cupid does in fact increase the sense of wellbeing. Amongst other new projects of research on dating, Harvard Business School came to the conclusion that matchmaking for the great happiness of the others makes you feel valuable and generous and increases your social networks.

Your friends who are single may be very happy with this – so, playing Cupid to those could have you charged of making inaccurate and uninvited assumptions. Otherwise, done with love and discretion, why would you not wish to make connections between those people who are able to bring a big reward to the lives of each other? The psychological benefits surely don't only apply to particular love matches - matching people such as your co-workers with similar skills, or mentoring the younger colleagues and introducing them to your social network, or linking a cousin of your friend with bridge club of your grandfather will all have the advantages of boosting your mood.

What do specialists say?

Specialists in online dating argue that on the psychological level, online dating connection can provide us feeling safer. This is due to the fact that our core psychological driver is to find a certainty. Traditional dating provides feelings of danger because it involves very much uncertainty - and surely the online acquaintance removes that danger. Most of people can remember undergoing the experience of excruciating blind date. The dating site’s social vacuum lets us assess and evaluate - without social exposure - as we catch at the unknown people at our pace. And as we learn about our possible love interest more we can be surer about the probability of a perfect match, or can we?

The choice is up to you

In the end we remind you that this tends to be things we do not do, rather than things we often do, which give us the big cause for regret.

If you desire to play Cupid, then play away, it’s apparently well for your health, so may be good for your friends’ health, and- if done with good humor and finesse - will bring no harm.

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