Online dating: from the past till now

June 13th, 2014 | Copy
252 Online dating: from the past till now

Online dating websites changed the game

From such online romance websites as okcupid, e-harmony, and match, to various phone applications, to see singles around you, wherever you are, the online dating game has changed significantly. But is this right along a good thing?

Guys are perspective today: He can post all his great qualities, his best pictures, and he gets to talk to single girls (as many as he wants at a time) via messages. It is easy for him to talk without caring about what a girl thinks, there are right along more girls. He can pass some of the “getting to know a girl during a period online, so if we meet it will not be so awkward. He has dated many girls online, it’s been a good experience and he feels confident he can always find the other dates without much effort.

Guys perspective in the past: Before a dating online it is somewhat tougher to find a date. It is either through school or friends, once he is out of school he looks at work and some hopeful random encounters wherever you go. When he does get a girls interest he have a limited time to introduce himself to make this girl want to see him again. He did not date a lot, but he had fun with those dates he did, they are real to him.

So, what's next?

Online dating comes with plenty of bad and good. The good is a person has the privacy of sending messages and blocking people. And people can really sell themselves easier. A person has the time to make a profile showing his/her qualities, and he/she can send messages online, spell check, fix words and prepare before he/she sends it. One of the bad sides of dating online is an increase in promiscuity, it is so easy to meet with a person isn’t quite as sincere as the past days. But you get the point. Meeting person is just unheard of this time. Most people do not even put their phones down long enough to look at what people are near you. Who knows possibly there is love at a first sight when you just stop to search for it?

The excitement of getting acquainted with a person and going out for a date is still good, you know he is handsome or she is beautiful, they enjoy you with their smiles and now you’re going to meet the unknown person and go out for date to learn them. And that first date is pretty magical.

Consequently, online dating is great for not only finding people, but for person to find what he/she really is looking for. It is a relatively safe option to meet people and get friends and potential partners. Just do not forget sometimes to turn off your phone or computer, and enjoy a date outside. There are many people out there also.

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