OkCupid experiments on its users

August 8th, 2014 | Copy
OkCupid experiment OkCupid experiments on its users

OkCupid has become famous for the studies on users’ behavior, giving single people insight into what can work best on a dating website, what their mates are thinking about and how to make effective their experience.

OkCupid released an experiment taking an entirely different approach. Rather than pulling data simply from members as they typically behave, they altered eDestiny. As a result, members' charted different courses on the website but for the better. Here is a look at the lessons:

If you believe you are a match, you have the best chance at love

For some time, OkCupid told singles who matched only 30 per cent that they’re actually 90 per cent compatible. Their chances of eCourting each other over four emails increased more than 17 per cent, proving that if you think you suit to one another, you’re more likely to become a match. Here is the thing -- online dating users get in their way a lot. More often than not, it is not the technology that is broken, but your mindset and approach. People say things like, "OkCupid does not work for me," but it always has everything to do with the emotional position rather than the site. When you shift the outlook from negativity to some things that are positive instead, your experience is the best.

When you focus on personality versus photos, you're more open to the possibilities

Selecting matches by themselves is one of things single people struggle with the most and pictures are a big reason for that. What we've noticed is that singles look for the reason to tell no to possible matches, not yes. The best way to overcome that is to be aware of your decision-making, instead of your head letting the heart lead. When you look at someone on a virtual paper in a stack of millions, it is easy to judge and forget that they’re person not merely a set of code. So though it is uncomfortable, say loud to yourself why you are saying yes to a possible match and why you are saying no. When you must give yourself a substantial reason for your choice, they are often different than expected -- and you will likely realize that you are taking your judgment too far.

The text of your profile still should be unique

You should be notable rather than mixed in, write something different and unique but yet absolutely authentic. When we watch the way single people view profiles, females in particular concentrate on text. In many cases, they will not write to a guy without at least quick viewing what they wrote. If you are expecting for more than just a hookup, do not make your trophy the reason for their "Hi." Fill the text of your profile with some commonness that could be a starter for conversation.

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