Newest guide to women’s dating drawbacks

July 28th, 2014 | Copy
067958 Newest guide to women’s dating drawbacks

According to one of the recent surveys taken by one of the independent Internet analytical centers, women these days show striking stability in their behavior at the dates. Despite the fact that online communication via the adult dating sites smoothes the potential pitfalls for both genders, when it comes to dating in real life, a lot of women (about 66 per cent, to be exact) feel uneasy and get nervous about that. In its turn, this leads to making at least one or two of the following typical mistakes during the date.

Checking her cellphone messages/missed calls

Apart from mentioning that text messaging during the date is considered to be an impolite thing as such, woman who peers into the screen of her mobile communication device repeatedly during the date show her sense of insecurity in the first place, while she is supposed to have fun and get to know her date better. And the latter is a totally unattractive thing, if to be clear.

Letting the man make all the decisions

Frankly speaking, that is not among the worst things women do on the date, as a lot of man would actually like to take the lead and arrange all the necessary deals for the date themselves without anyone’s help… But still, sometimes it all can reach quite absurd lengths. Each time when some choice is to be done, it is no good to leave all the work to a man – it isn’t the perfect solution just because it can make a man think that a woman has no opinions at all. Believe that even controversial opinions are better than that.

That one-word answer to everything…

Naturally, short answers given with a troubled countenance produce the unnecessary and absolutely annoying feeling that the girl is somehow scared or something like that. One-word phrases “yes” and “nope” do not necessarily serve as the successful one-liner responses.

Pretending being someone they are not

Again, this is a typical mistake for both men and women, but nonetheless it’s not an excuse for those women who are trying to create a fake personality or hide behind the mask of their alter-ego or something. When a man finally understands that he dates a person he knows almost nothing about – quite a weird feeling, don’t you find? – it is one of the top hit turn-offs. That is why women who simply get nervous and act like they are not themselves make a big mistake. Therefore they shouldn’t forget about the key rules of any date – take it all easy, have fun and enjoy the time spent together!

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