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July 14th, 2014 | Copy
00101 New online dating platform

Austin dating website startup looks to become the “Über for matchmakers”

Call it the AirBnB or Über for matchmaking set. That is how John Salser describes his Austin startup dating website OnCrowdNine.

Rather than function like traditional websites such as OKCupid or, on which members create their profiles and search for dates among themselves, OnCrowdNine looks at dating online from another viewpoint by letting members post paid matchmaking “jobs” for matchmakers outside, anybody from the neighbor to the bona-fide professional matchmaker, to take on.

Salser, a former developer of software who got the spirit of entrepreneur after seeing colleagues going into digital space business, said that his company seeks to become a solution for the traditional dating websites on trend that sees female members bombarded with emails from hopeful suitors, but male users feeling stuck because of lower rates of interaction.

“Dating websites are marked by a lot of users’ turnover because there is no brand loyalty,” said he. “People sign up, become very displeased and then they are done. While they are using (those websites), ladies get a lot of messages while men send emails and feel lost in the reshuffle.”

Using the platform OnCrowdNine — let us name it a dateway — professionals in matchmaking are paid here as little as $5 and sometimes into the thousands for a match. With members ranking their matchmaker’ success, it is feasible for the successful matchmakers to achieve a healthy income from the website, which charges a listing fee for members looking for a mate and retains a slice of the incentive payment /reward paid out for succeeding couplings.

More advantages?

Another probable revenue stream for the website will come with the premium accounts for matchmakers that will propose the higher reward levels.

“No one that we have found has idea to bring in independent matchmakers as a way to develop the process, and if somebody is willing to put up a reward for someone searching for a match for them that suggests they are serious about finding somebody,” said Salser.

Due to the fact that OnCloudNine has just launched and costs nearly $200 per month for Salser to function, he said he has not taken on the investors. His business plan purposes for hiring official full-time matchmakers in main cities who would help also generate and promote interest in the website.

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