New mobile feature of Let’s Date App

June 20th, 2014 | Copy
018 New mobile feature of Let’s Date App

New opportunities with a new update

The developers of Let’s Date have recently released a new feature for it, aimed at better compatibility search for the app users. A new software solution, called Wingman feature will let men and women, who are not in active search for someone to date, to have a thorough study of the total amount of Let’s Date users, so that they could share the “dater cards” of the attractive people with their friends who are currently single. Wingman feature can already be installed on the iOS version of Let’s Date.

A couple of words about Let’s Date

Let’s Date company was founded by three people: Sean Suhl, Steve Simitzis, and Courtney Riot. Today, about 90 per cent of Let’s Date users remain active every day sending about 130,000 messages to one other; not to mention the fact that there is about one million of “Let’s Date” or “No Thanks” swipes in the app taken. According to the company’s analysis, slightly over 55 per cent of Let’s Date users are between 18 to 24 years old and approximately 40 per cent of them are between 24 and 35 years old respectively.

With this new Wingman feature, Let’s Date users now are able to call themselves “wingmen” to browse freely via the whole Let’s Date’s dating pool. And in case they find someone who might seem to be a match for one of their single friends, the special dater card can be then sent to him or her either through e-mail, Twitter or SMS. The company’s representatives claim that all the daters matched won’t be even able to see the cards of the Wingman, and he or she cannot send messages to any person in the app or go dating.

Nowadays Let’s Date is positioned as the so-called “Dating Instagram”. It works via traditional Facebook connection to find more users and let them look for and then find potential daters. Even if they don’t get a match, the app’s users will be able to draw lines via parts of the dater card, which doesn’t appeal to them, and Let’s Date will take it into account for the future matchups. Keep in mind that the app is available for download only for people who are at least 17 years or older.

A brand new option?

Still, one should admit that introducing Wingman options isn’t something unique for Let’s Date app only. There are also other services to offer the same feature, including even the dating app called Wingman, connected with a user’s Foursquare account. And since it’s dependent on physical location, Let’s Date turns out to be like eHarmony, BeNaughty or, and other web dating services, whose users watch their potential matches in order to communicate with people who appeal to them later on.

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