New Blackcraft Zodiac dating app

June 19th, 2014 | Copy
blackraft New Blackcraft Zodiac dating app

Looking for some alternative dating websites or apps? Choose Blackraft Zodiac! Currently available both through Google Play and on the App Store for download, a new dating app called Blackraft Zodiac seems to breathe a new life into probably the most popular dating criteria of all times – Zodiac compatibility. Released in May by the brand Blackcraft Cult, it has used the magic of the stars to connect the smartphones for dating purposes. The users of Blackraft Zodiac provide their birthdates in profiles, and are matched through GPS-connection with singles in their locality, paying special attention to compatible signs of Zodiac. According to the words of the company’s founders Bobby Schubenski and Jim Somers, astrology and horoscopes have always attracted their attention and assisted them in making the right choice for dating and more serious relationships. And as far as astrology is one of the powerful sources of business nowadays, Blackcraft Zodiac is targeting really wide audience.

Since the time of its release on the Android platform, Blackcraft Zodiac app has been already downloaded by the great deal of users, and currently has the rating of 4.2 at the Google Play market. It was last time updated June 17, and requires Android ver. 3.0 or higher to run.

How it all began

The company actually started in July 2012, as a small T-shirt imprint business, and now Blackcraft Cult has already become a multi-million dollar brand that has a product line including clothing, candles, coffee and other things for those people that prefer dark shades of life. And as for the zodiac app, it appeared fully-formed during one of the brainstorming sessions, once taken by its founders Somers and Schubenski, when they just locked themselves in a room in order to develop the basic general layout, main features and options of the future app before handing it off to the team of developers in Australia, who made the rest of the job then.

Blackcraft brand today

Nowadays Blackcraft can be called a social media network with more than 15 million members, and has already proven its worth as the stable dating app for musicians, celebrities and other people, who share the same attitude. The company is also working with a texting application BCC Messenger that is going to include a signature slate of NSFW emoticons. As Somers and Schubenski claim, for singles seeking out dating and using the new Zodiac app, the way to finding a partner could be easier to see in the starlight.

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