Dressing with care: Men’s habits

August 4th, 2014 | Copy
0306 Dressing with care: Men’s habits

According the recent research, conducted by the independent group of scientists, about 33 per cent of men these days spend more than half an hour every day getting dressed up and smartening up in front of the mirror. Basically, this fact already gives enough opportunities for various companies specializing in producing health and personal care products for selling their goods to men.

But how do men treat such products? Or, in other words, which of the usual women’s products exactly are popular among men who are trying to take care of their appearance? That will be especially interesting if we take into consideration those men, who choose personal applying care products in order not to confine themselves to online dating at adult dating sites, but also arrange dates offline, looking perfectly?

Top products

Here antiperspirants, body sprays and deodorants of all kinds surely gain the lead – about 85 per cent of men use them in every-day life to stay “fresh”. Remaining key products for the men’s beauty care industry statistically, deodorants are very popular among Latin American men as up 100 per cent of men from such countries as Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil use them while more than 70 per cent of men (again – numbers speak for themselves) apply colognes and different body sprays to get rid of the unpleasant smells.

Skin care

Choosing products to look after their skin, most men prefer dealing with body and facial cleansers. Sunburn creams are also in trend; however, this is only true for the sunny regions. Among the other products there are also body scrubs and moisturizers, face masks (about one-fourth of men use them in India in order to prevent skin ageing, for example); only then come skin whitening and lightening creams.

Head affairs

When it comes to personal care products, connected with having a bath and taking a shower, most men only wash their heads with shampoos; at the same time, slightly less than half of all men apply various conditioners.

Finally, all that concerns color cosmetics that are usually considered to be female products, here men traditionally rely more on basic things like lip-balms. However some men (quite few of them, less than 20 per cent to be precise) also use other cosmetic products, for example, lip gloss and foundation; nail polishing comes in fashion as well.

So, what do we have as a consequence?

Long live the unisex fashion trend that not only allows women to be equal with men in clothes but also give men use almost the same perfumery products with women! And God save those men who do take care of their appearance.

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