Ban Way is speaking about online dating revolution

July 22nd, 2014 | Copy
0707 Ban Way is speaking about online dating revolution

#Love: Virtually No Sex

Ben Way is an author, technologist, inventor, and entrepreneur. He has been involved with the matchmaking industry since 2001 when he was an advisor to and currently is the founder of

Sex. The human race is crazy about it. It’s even been suggested that every human achievement has been driven by our innate desire to mate.

There are two aspects of sex: the biological explosion of brain chemicals due to an orgasm and the emotional reward that we encounter through intimacy with another human being. There are already a range of tech products that aid orgasm, from adult online pornography to interactive vibrators and even the stimulation of nerves to achieve an orgasm at the touch of a button. I think the emotional component is the next frontier that technologies will disrupt.

I would love to say that this would affect both sexes equally but in reality both sexes are very different. Having been involved in the online dating industry for almost fifteen years, originally and now at my own company, I’ve seen first-hand the differences between the way men and woman approach sex.

It would seem that men prefer quantity to quality but the reality is somewhat different. What you see in the statistics of Tinder-esque apps is those women are actually becoming more aggressive than men at making first contact. The direct reason for this is unclear, but I suspect a number of converging trends are causing women to seek out intimacy from multiple partners because the construct of traditional relationships is slowly changing.

Bioengineering is at the tipping point of being able to solve most biologically induced problems, and we may be the cusp of curing all serious sexually transmitted diseases within the next few decades. This may have an immediate and lasting impact on sex by reducing the physical risks.

#What else?

If you thought contraception brought on a sexual revolution, a world without sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy or social restrictions will for the first time in thousands of years allow us to mate in the way nature intended: without restriction. Combine that with technology that continuously finds thousands of potential partners at the touch of a button, and we could find that we want to do little else.

At this future time, love in the real world may have changed so much that traditional sex may be the last bastion of cults, and religion for the love bots may have already taken over. Those of you who scoff at the idea that people will prefer to have sex with robots rather than each other, be warned: the tipping point is within a generation, and when that tipping point hits, the revolution will happen very quickly.

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