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GaydarGirls has been created to provide a social arena for lesbian and bisexual girls worldwide to meet, chat, flirt and find what they are looking for together. The site is run in conjunction with Gaydar Radio, the popular LGBT radio channel, and presents itself as the largest selection of lesbian personals on the web. Taking this in to consideration, expectations for this site are pretty high. First impressions are good, the site looks good and it’s simple enough to navigate. New users are invited to sign up for free guest membership which enables them to make use of the majority of what the site has to offer. The simple sign up process presents users with a short questionnaire which asks users to answer a few questions regarding their personal preferences; once this is done users can get on with filling out their own personal profile. There is a noticeable absence of any facility for profile modification, or any self styling of the user page; not necessarily a big deal, but certainly something that we’ve come to take for granted in this day and age. This doesn’t seem to be an issue that put’s many people of however, as the hustle and bustle on the site chatrooms and forums indicates. GaydarGirls may not actually be the largest dating site on the internet as it lays claim, sites like LesbianPersonals.com seem to have a few more people on their site, but it’s not far off, the sheer volume of interaction between members every hour of the day makes this point seem irrelevant. Full of the usual features and communication tools you’d expect to find on a modern dating site, such as instant messaging, chat rooms and the like, there is a pleasing lack of extraneous options or pages on GaydarGirls – everything on the site serves a purpose and is put to good use by the members. A really great innovation found on GaydarGirls is the integration of the GaydarGirls radio show via an online stream linked directly to the site. When GaydarGirls users log in to their account they can search and browse whilst the GaydarGirls DJ’s provide the soundtrack. There are a host of playback options available to the user, so listener’s can pick and choose when and what they want to listen to. This is a wonderful feature, as simple as it is, it really helps create a community vibe and enhances the online experience. Another curiously titled feature that piqued our interest is the GPS, or ‘Gaydar Positioning Service’. This tool works by showing you the exact geographical (within reason) location of whoever you are communicating with, but only with their prior consent, obviously. This is a great way to get to know the area someone you’re interested in lives in, and can help with arranging dates if you’re looking to hook up with someone in a different city. Further to this point, the site also has a ‘Travel Itinerary’ tool which allows you to search a specific location for GaydarGirls members, so you can plan a date at your trip or holiday destination before you even get there. There’s a whole lot more to GaydarGirls that unfortunately we don’t have the time or space to talk about. But don’t worry about that, go check it out for yourself!
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