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The design of Manhunt.net has been carried out with the aim of making a strong impression, without a doubt. The viewer is greeted by a variety of toned and bulky men wearing little more than speedo’s to hide their shame! Manhunt.net is obviously very clear about its target market here, and appears to be appealing to the determined woman (or man) who knows their type and isn’t afraid to be direct in getting what they want. However, the site isn’t as one dimensional as we make it sound, but those looking for casual NSA adventures will be well suited to Manhunt.net, as love and long term relationships are not really what the site is about. Romance hunters would fare much better at other sites such as GayRomeo.com or GayFriendFinder.com. Visitors are encouraged to take a brief walkaround the site tour to familiarize themselves with its design, what it has to offer, and too see if it’s likely to suit their needs. If you like what you see, you can then proceed with the registration. The registration process entails the standard fare, new users provide their screen name, current working email address, an up to date photo, a brief description of themselves, and an indication of what they’re seeking by joining the site (several of these steps can be skipped and returned to later if the user wishes). When new users log in to their account they are taken to the site homepage, or dashboard. It’s neatly designed to incorporate all the common waypoints, and is very easy to use, despite the design for the individual features appearing quite similar. From here the user has direct access to the majority of the popular features, they can serach and browse other member profiles, check for new messages, new users, and all the latest developments, and also tinker with their user profile. From here users can also take a look at the Manhunt.net blog which offers lots of advice and tips to newcomers and seasoned online daters, and also check out the Manhunt.net shop. Already a popular site, at the time of writing Manhunt.net entertains more than 30,000 members, so diversity isn’t going to be lacking, most tastes are sure to be catered for. Obviously, if you’re just looking for local fun and frolicks than this number is irrelevant, so it helps that the site offers the facility to filter search results by locality. This works well and is a great way of reducing the hordes of results into realistic opportunities. You can even reduce the results further by selecting the ‘men online’ tab, so you can get straight into a chat with someone you like without beating around the bush. When you discover someone you like you can immediately check out their profile and photo’s (paid members are given the ability to enlarge high quality pics) , if you like what you see you can add them to your buddies list, send them a ‘wink’ or hit them up with a short or long message (all depending on how much they inspire you;).. You can constantly sort and edit your contact list and add your own notes and associated images to each member on it, and if you find yourself on the receiving end of too much unwanted attention, then the site allows you to block any individuals that are being a nuisance Drawbacks include the strange omission of a user chat room (a fundamental of most moderb dating sites) and the absence of any webcam and video upload functions, also a staple of contemporary sites such as Gay.com. But these are small issues to address and we anticipate they will become part of future site updates.
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