Women’s mistakes that lead to men giving up relationships

June 18th, 2014 | Copy
7636 Women’s mistakes that lead to men giving up relationships

Dating online at adult dating websites today provides a wide array of possibilities today but at the same time it may deprive you of some social skills, needed for building relationships in real life. Let’s make sure you still remember about how to prevent major problems with your relationships.

Grumpy cat syndrome

It takes position number one in the list of things people hate about women. One of the worst things of all is when a man has to hear, listen to and stand constant, never-ending flow of various knocking in his address. Nobody is probably as patient as Job to bear perpetual nagging, constant grumbling all day long, and seven days a week. So if that has already become a habit of yours, get rid of your grumpy expressing of your thoughts as soon as possible, until it becomes too late and the man you are planning to develop relationships with is going to escape from you and your bad mood read out aloud.

Well, it may also be that nagging is not a habit, but a result and a response to your inner state of mind. Believe our experience, that’s even worse as nobody likes to spend time together with a pessimistic person. Therefore, if you want to change your attitude towards lie and people around you, you will have to practise a lot of self-cultivation and develop your will power in order to see the good sides of your life and in your relationship. Or, at least, you should learn how not to notice or pay little attention to the negative aspects of life.

Blaming him for... everything

Talking about problems we face in our everyday life, it’s worth mentioning that blaming other people for your personal hardships and winless is totally wrong. This is especially true when it comes to your relationships, where everything is important, including mutual support and understanding as well. Complaining with your misfortunes in his presence or crying on his shoulder from time to time may be great, of course, in cases when you are sad, upset or disappointed with something. But if you use him and his support for this one particular purpose only or start misusing his ability to sympathize your problems, he will eventually start thinking of the ways to break up with you – sooner or later.

Whipping your anger at your date is also the last thing you’d normally do. Yes, even if he has made a minor mistake that added up to your being out of spirits. After all, nobody is perfect, and it is the same in your case. Mind that every time you are going to raise a disturbance or chunter anything.

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