Top 5 dating advice for women that are important

June 10th, 2014 | Copy
womentips Top 5 dating advice for women that are important

1. What should you start from?

The first and probably the most important question that you should ask yourself is: what is the man that you are looking for dating? Whom do you want to meet, browsing the profiles at the best dating websites? As soon as you make up your mind with that, it will become clear for you what the right candidates to meet you requirements are. Knowing the type of your “right man” beforehand will prevent you from wasting your time on someone whom you won’t stand or find uncomfortable to stay with on a date.

2. Better refuse to go on a date with a man, in case you have doubts

Yes, really, this point goes directly from the previous one, as sometimes it’s better to trust your presentiments. In case you are still unsure as for the man, just listen to your heart and try to understand one thing. That is, whether it responds in the way that you are ready to accept his invitation for a date. Anyway, forcing yourself isn’t a good idea.

3. Remain yourself, no matter what happens

Mind that producing a nice impression on him directly depends on whether you unbend and feel at ease during your date or not. So, that also means that shouldn’t try to be someone you actually aren’t. Don’t hide behind some masks, just be honest and sincere – men use to appreciate this kind of approach.

4. Going on a date means your chance to know more about him

...and it goes without saying that a date together gives you an opportunity to tell him more about yourself – getting to know each other is a great way of establishing relationships. Therefore, follow the principle of staying positive and open, whenever it comes to spending time together. Be the first to start conversations about common interests and devotions, at the same time don’t concentrate on some negative impressions of your date – try to see only the good side of the things. Even if you are not the kind of woman who is able of looking at the silver lining of every cloud, learn some simple tricks that would allow you to do that.

5. Develop your inner ability to make judgements about men

This last but not the least advice supposes that you will have to learn to know a hawk from a handsaw. If to keep it simple, there are always the good, the bad and the ugly people who surround you – decide for yourself who are your best potential dates among them. And, during the date, define the type of the man who is sitting in front of you and ask yourself – would you like to go on one more date with him?

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