Things men hate about dating women

July 4th, 2014 | Copy
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If you look into almost any of the glossy zines today, you will see dozens of dating advice and tips concerning the things women usually hate about men on a date, even when it concerns dating via romance dating sites. But wait a minute... what about men? Do you really think they consider everything to be just perfect about women they date? Here is the short list of things guys use to hate in women on a first date and probably all the next ones.


Despite the fact a lot of women think that make up is one of the most powerful weapons in their armory, it is (surprisingly!) not true in most cases. Yes, contrary to what seems to be, most men cannot stand make up, even when it is mild. Men use to appreciate the pure natural beauty and not the thick layer of disguise that’s hiding it.

Constant talking/interrogation as such

Well, women who are fond of talking everything that happened to them during the day that passed – even on and on and on – may be quite OK, but right to the moment when they start demanding the same thing from men – telling them everything about themselves and in every little detail. You know, there are certain things to be told about on a first/second/third date but when it all turns into some kind of interrogation – that’s a turnoff. Besides, keep in mind that some men simply do not like to talk much about their interests/hobbies/work, whatever. So don’t try to push on a man in order to find out something – he will tell you that when - and if – it is necessary.

Talking and messaging on the phone

Yes, due to the power of text messages, it is quite possible these days, by today’s etiquette standards to have a nice relationship without ever talking on the phone, but not when it comes to the intimacy of the date. Exchanging messages with someone on your date? What else that nasty could you even imagine? Another big mistake is looking at other men – yes, apart from being a distressing factor and the red flag of being uninterested in the date it hits the men’s ambitions – just the same way when men look at other girls.

Stalking the Facebook account of your partner

No, seriously. Why should you check for instance the status change of the man’s account? Checking out all of his female friends might not be the best idea either. Some men use to have many women within the circle of their friends in social networking sites. Yes, they might also consider some of them beautiful – but not prettier than you, if they have chosen you for dating and possible commitment – mind that.

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