The signs to recognize that your relationship is toxic

July 14th, 2014 | Copy
11110 The signs to recognize that your relationship is toxic


Why is it, even though you are in a relationship–or even in love–still you feel so unsatisfied and unhappy with your partner? Maybe all you thought that you knew about relationship is wrong because when you are with your partner you do not feel romance, you do not feel butterflies in the stomach…what you feel is something more like nervousness. Here are 4 warning signs to recognize if you’ve got a toxic relationship.

1. The Criticizing

Criticism can be effective when a partner understand a problem the another person doesn’t notice. It is how work healthy relationships. But once a trouble ends the critique should so. With a criticizer everything another person does in a toxic relationship is a target, which can be attacked. This goes beyond a playful banter: the criticism is harsh overly and causes the real harm. Behind the chronic criticizer is an individual whose poor self-esteem leads to find mistakes of their partners due to their own insecurities.

2. The Controlling

Power dynamic in relationships may be tricky. Sometimes a partner clearly runs this show. That is okay, if the other one does not want any control, but people can feel like they actually have no say each other over their lives. Partner controlling limits their choices of loved and never provide them with any independence. Even when their controlling partners allow them party or just go out, the other person feels like they are locked away from the entire world in the relationship, like a prisoner, because doing that wasn’t their choice.

3. The Withholding

Withholding is something else than keeping things to you. Withholding is when both or one of the partners in the relationship deny to share their real feelings keeping the other partner from harm. That can seem nice, but it is actually toxic because when something is wrong, the other partner has no idea about it and thus can never hope to fix it.

4. The Lying

You are not going to get a much worse feature that you are in toxic relationship than when your partner is lying to you overtly. Some liars are enough good at what they are doing that it almost is thought as if they really believe their lies they tell instead of truth, and find guilty you for not trusting them. This is likely the most toxic sign on this list.

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