Negative things in your profile make users pass over you

June 20th, 2014 | Copy
000767 Negative things in your profile make users pass over you

Online dating tips are in abundance, but this one may well be the best one — be positive

Let's face it, no person likes a moaner. And no person wants to have a date with a moaner. So, why some folks try to put negative things on their online dating profiles on romance dating websites. It is just like no person will hire the office-cleaner who will not do windows, nobody wants dating a person who is express his/her negative feelings. Anyway not a normal person, that is! Unless this person is “emo” and searching for a partner to share the dark thoughts, so it is best to keep negative feelings out of the online dating profile.

There are people who do not even understand that they express negativity. Take this example of real-world where a guy on some online dating site, writing what he is “searching for”:

Professional guy is searching for an affectionate, attractive, emancipated and sane sexy woman.

The outset, it may seem that the guy is mainly searching for someone who should look good. After all, in just one sentence he mentions twice that his perfect mate should be attractive and sexy. The majority of girls are put off by a man who is so requiring of a very sexy partner. Is this guy trying to recompense his lack of sex attractiveness by just dating sexy and attractive girl? What about girls who consider themselves lovely but not very sexy? And what about searching for a “sane” girl? Or “emancipated”? Who can consider themselves insane, anyhow?

Offence and desperation in online dating profiles

Negatives can be more obvious too. For instance, a person who offends intelligence, skills, look... it actually happens in online dating profiles. And when some people jokingly say that she is a dumb blonde, it makes other people just wonder if they are really dumb!

Desperation is a negative thing also in online dating profiles. Nobody wants dating a desperate man or woman, like the guy who write it in his profile:

If you’re interested in dating me let me know please. I have hundreds of contacts of different girls, but no one is willing to hook up. I have been said no in every language, for a lot of reasons.

Sounds like a person you want dating? No, it does not, right? No person wants a partner that nobody else will like. While a lot of people may feel sympathy for that guy, nobody feels bad for him enough to send him a message or strike up some relationship. Some users just do not get it. That is true also for some women.

Say that you are staying positive and this enough and joke that you need a date, or even better, do not mention about it. Sometimes NOT airing a dirty laundry of someone is important.

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