Main cons and risks of the online dating sites

June 26th, 2014 | Copy
113 Main cons and risks of the online dating sites

It is claimed almost everywhere online that today’s popular online dating sites can help you find your "perfect match." But it makes no matter how great it might sound to you. Of course, signing up for some dating site, you can get matched with other singles like you and acquire the wonderful opportunity to date online without even leaving your bedroom. Dating websites will let you find someone special – even if not for some serious commitment, then for an easy and enjoyable flirting. But at the same time there are enough of the various disadvantages and even risks of the online dating as such to be taken into consideration as well.

Scammers threat

Apart from finding someone online for dating, you can easily come across some person, who would like to get the money out of you. A lot of the most popular dating sites have already become a real paradise for various scammers, whose target are you. Those are amazingly “beautiful” and “attractive” people, who use to hide behind dozens of false profiles and fake photos. They will spend much time trying ingratiating themselves with you. But they will never agree to meet with you in real life or tell you more about themselves. Their only main goal is to disappear after you borrow them your money online.

The problem of choice

The problem is that all in good measure. With such a wide array of your potential partners on the web, offered by the dating sites sometimes it becomes very difficult to find someone really interesting for you, even if you got some special narrow criteria. With such a variety of the potential candidates for dating available, a real embarrassment of riches you either cannot stop at someone or just relax too much, not wishing to spend your time and efforts on the relationships in real life afterwards – because there’s always a choice of someone else online – better, nicer, smarter. And that is a really bad sequence.

Permanent data sharing

The matter is that it is very difficult to delete your dating profile permanently. When you provide some personal information of yours for the dating website, it’s kept in there permanently, even after you delete (!) your profile. Note also that it is a common thing that the privacy policy of many dating sites clearly states the site owners will disclose your profile information only if they get a court order to do so. Finally, your profile information might be potentially used against you and without your knowledge. So always read the privacy policy and terms of site use.

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