Get rid of the feelings that avoid you to find healthy relationships!

June 12th, 2014 | Copy
76575 Get rid of the feelings that avoid you to find healthy relationships!

Signs indicating you aren’t ready for a new relationship

You might want a true relationship just now, but are you really ready for one? I know I have been in the same situation before and all I desired was to get that comfortable feeling of couplehood, but this was the problem actually — I was not comfortable alone. Once person works on him/her can he/she only begin to think over a relationship? Here are some signs to determine if you are or aren’t ready for a new relationship, and what you should do to rejuvenate your chances.

You Are Feeling “Off”

So, you are out on some date with this handsome guy or beautiful girl, but they are not someone who you would normally get with. Oh, she’s wild. Oh, but he’s a very bad boy. I need him/her right now. If your personal “radar” keeps leading you towards all wrong people, you cannot be ready for this relationship. This can occur when you are subconsciously trying to prevent the relationships before they really begin. If he or she has not real relationship, why bother? If you are looking for new relationship at the best adult dating sites, that is. But, if you are convinced that you may change this bad boy or material girl, well, stop to think over this. Do you really think that you are able to change him or her? Thus, you can be turned off of creating deeper relationships right now.

You Want Someone To Get Feeling of Being Happy

Do you feel unhappy unless you are with some person? Are you denying all invites to all events because you do not have that particular someone to go with? Do not waste your time sitting at home and feeling forever alone. If you even go out solely to get acquainted with someone, in this case, you would probably end up choking up the relationship to its death with your weakness. Find what makes you to be happy before you are in a relationship so this way you can share this with someone later.

You are Trying to Fit Their World

Do you find out that you are trying to be someone or something other than who in reality you are? Actually, it is not good. If you are always trying to change some things about yourself to seem more pleasant to that girl or guy you just met, you’re certainly not ready for new relationship. Be more confident! Before loving someone else love yourself.

You are Looking For a Partner To Complete You

“You complete me”. Well, sounds very romantic, but in reality it isn’t how you have to start a relationship. It is more like, “you should complement me.” When you are a whole person — someone with unique personality and interests — finding a person to complement these things will feel great.

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