Benefits of having orgasm once in a week

July 25th, 2014 | Copy
0006567 Benefits of having orgasm once in a week

Are swinging couples healthier?

When you compare the sexual life of monogamous couples and swinging couples on the basis of these factors then you’ll find out that monogamous couple is less flexible than swingers in their sexual life. But before speaking about the level of orgasm’s enjoyment let’s consider the benefits by both types of couples because you should know these benefits for your knowledge.

Heart diseases risk is reduced to a significant level of more than 35 percent to the persons having a orgasm frequently. Your sexual activities can increase the heart rate but it helps also in balancing your estrogen and testosterone levels which actually reduces the risk of having problems with heart. Lesser number of folks, with intensive sex life, are dying due to the heart attack.

Person’s Immune system having an orgasm once per week gets grown up. The level of protecting antibodies in the body gets increased to defend them from germs, viruses and many other harmful intruders.

The effect of some types of chronic pain is controlled due to an oftentimes orgasm. It’s been found that chronic leg and back pain is blocked by a vaginal stimulation. Reduction in arthritic pain, headache and menstrual cramps is noticed by many females who experience genital stimulation done by them.

The person’ libido is increased by having orgasm at least one time a week which improves his sexual life also. Having sex frequently allows also improve elasticity and blood flow in the sex organs in females also. All these advantages give a much better sexual experience to all. • High blood pressure is also lowered by having orgasm at least one time a week. It has grounded through various studies that having orgasms via sexual intercourse allows lowering the high blood pressure.

The risk of having prostate cancer also gets reduced. It has been established scientifically that males having orgasms often have lesser risk of having prostate cancer.

Stresses are reduced also considerably with having often orgasms. A brain chemical is free during sexual arousal that also helps in revitalizing the pleasure of the brain and reward system. •

Person enjoys sound sleep after releasing hormones of prolactin through an orgasm. It helps them in relaxing and feeling sleepiness after orgasm.

Thus swinging couples may enjoy the benefits of orgasm more effectively than couples that are monogamous as their sexual life approach is much different from the other ones.

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